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Discover your favorite heroes from the anime Hunter x Hunter through our 2D manga lamps! Our JoyLamps will immerse you in the amazing world of Killua, Gon, and Hisoka

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Why Manga Lamps?

Our team, being composed of manga fans, it seemed obvious to us to offer a Manga Lamp bearing the image of the characters that have thrilled us. After several tries in 2019, we realized that the concept of a 3D Lamp was very suitable for Manga Lamps. With these numerous colors and possibilities, the experience a 3D Lamp offers is, in our opinion, very compatible with the works present in our shop...

As explained in the section below, we take a real time of reflection in order to select the best designs. The 16 colors and particularly the red allow to transmit all the power of Itachi, for example, or purple for Sasuke.

How does a 3D Lamp work?

A 3D Lamp is composed of three elements, a black base, an acrylic plate, and a remote control. The first step is to clip the plate into the base. No worries about the complexity of the step, once you have received your JoyLamp, the instructions will tell you how to clip the plate into the base. Once clipped, the eight leds placed in the middle of the base and just below the plate are ready to light up your nights. The leds will project the color chosen via the remote control through the acrylic plate.

Customized packaging for each anime, what are the advantages?

We have enormous respect for each work, and we are convinced that this adds more depth to the experience a 3D Manga Lamp offers, even before you open your 3D Lamp, you plunge into the universe to which the character drawn on the acrylic plate belongs.

We are also aware that a significant part of our 3D Lamps are offered wrapped, this generates a nice reaction among fans even before they have seen the beautiful rendering of the Lamp!

Zoom on the creation process of a JoyLamp?

In order to respond to all passions, each 3D Lamp is crafted with the utmost care. For Manga Lamps, we rely exclusively on the official graphic charts of the various works.

All designs are validated by the official studios behind each manga. The validation process is quite complex and this allows for impeccable quality in terms of the precision of the drawings and the final rendering.

The design is initially created by our designers based on a graphic chart element. This could be the excerpt from an official poster, or the design of a key character in black and white.

Once this step is completed, the design is then sent to the studio of the work in question, generally the studio validates and asks to correct certain details. At the end of these many back-and-forths, the design is validated, it can therefore be transformed into a Manga Lamp!

The quality guarantee of a JoyLamp Manga Lamp

The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of our concerns, since the beginning, we are committed to providing you with the best quality possible. 15 days after your order, you will receive an email so that you can express your overall opinion, we pay particular attention to the feedback of this email for now 2 years.