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Nuage Akatsuki Lampe Manga
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JoyLamp Cloud Akatsuki

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The Akatsuki Cloud, symbol of the antagonists of Naruto Shippuden

The Akatsuki , "Dawn" or "Dawn" for some and "Moon Rouge" for others, is a name that made more than one ninja shudder.

Over several decades, the Akatsuki Rise to #1 on the Most Wanted Criminal Organizations chart of the ninja world.

The Akatsuki clan is made up of enrolled S-rank members in the Bingo Book, a book that all the villages have. It lists the list of the most dangerous ninjas. Composed of 9 members: the main mission of the Akatsuki clan is to bring together the 9 bijuus, titanic creatures and demons endowed with phenomenal power.

A reproduction faithful to the manga

These clouds are present on the long black kimono worn by the members of the clan. The Akatsuki cloud is much more complex than you might think think. You will be able to enjoy the Akatsuki Cloud JoyLamp in 16 different colors as well as 5 brightness tones for each of them.

Are you a fan of Akatsuki characters? That's good, we too ! The JoyLamp store has dedicated an intricate design to make the Itachi Lamp.

Naruto Shippuden packaging to receive your Akatsuki cloud

We are aware that receiving your order in special packaging is something important. The entire JoyLamp team therefore worked to realization of the most beautiful box to receive your Akatsuki cloud or even another Naruto lamp!

The design and colors of the packaging are based on Naruto's famous attack : the Rasengan ! This technique is also called "Swirling Orb". The box of your lamp can be used as a decorative object , maybe it's time to start a manga exclusive packaging collection..

Packaging Naruto Akatsuki Cloud Lamp

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