About JoyLamp

JoyLamp was created in 2019 with the desire to offer qualitative 2D effect lamps, now called JoyLamp , we try to offer the most complete experience possible by combining technologies and passions. You must have noticed, each collection has a personalized packaging, this is part of our objective to offer the most complete experience possible.

Our collections

With more than 250 exclusive designs, JoyLamp is now the only store to officially collaborate with the various licenses. Whether our collections of JoyLamp Manga , our collection of JoyLamp Miraculous or our collection JoyLamp x Racing Club Toulonnais , we try to vary the collaborations in order to offer the experience of a JoyLamp to fans from all walks of life.

Our engagement

We make the satisfaction of our customers our priority, JoyLamp is committed to offering the highest possible quality: a transparent acrylic window that allows intense diffusion without producing the slightest heat and a very long-lasting light. Each JoyLamp has a remote control and an integrated touch mode, this allows you to control your JoyLamp remotely or on loan.

You can discover the many unboxings on the #joylamp on Tiktok by clicking right here .

JoyLamp focuses on one and only product: the JoyLamp .

Do you have an idea for JoyLamp?

If you would like our team to focus on an idea from JoyLamp , please contact us on Instagram. We will be delighted to be able to work on a collection that is close to your heart.