Sting fairy tail lampe jaune
Lampe Fairy Tail Sting Youclif
Sting Fairy Tail lampe 3d
Sting Youclif Fairy Tail Lampe manga
Lampe de Sting Youclif dans Fairy Tail

JoyLamp Sting Youclif

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Find the Sting Youclif lamp on the JoyLamp store. We have dedicated a complete design for the terrible dragon hunter.

Sting is most of the time accompanied by his sidekick Rog Chenny, also a dragon hunter. We discover this character during the arc of the Grand Tournament of Fairy Tail. He is stubborn but also very powerful!

The child raised by a white dragon

Sting Youclif was raised and educated by a dragon named Baislogia who taught him White Dragon magic. He would have killed him at his request so that he could become a real "Dragon Hunter".


The model of this JoyLamp is unique, you will not find it anywhere else. Our design team set to work to create this magnificent Fairy Tail lamp. It has 16 colors 6 different tones to change the atmosphere according to your mood.

You loved seeing him fight during the Grand Tournament , so did we! This is why we offer you its rival, the Natsu Dragnir Lamp .

A Fairy Tail packaging, to be used as decoration

A pretty manga lamp should be well packaged. We took the biggest care to design you a perfect packaging with the effigy of the manga Fairy Tail.

Each of our lamps is delivered with the box associated with the collection. Take advantage of this packaging to use it as a decoration, it will be perfect to put on a shelf in the next to your Sting Youclif lamp !

fairy tail lamp packaging

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